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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
does not compute 
20th-Apr-2015 02:04 pm
I don't understand people.

I mean, I have enough college psychology under my belt that I could probably pick some things apart and gain insight (who has the time?), but as a whole...I just don't understand people.

I can't count how many times a day I think "this? This is what you stand for, believe in, justify, defend? Why?" Oh yes, I judge actions, not people.

I am attempting to get over that fact that what others think really isn't my concern. It's their lives and they can do and think whatever they damn well please. I just need to stop letting it surprise or bother me.

I've been told all of my life that I hold friends, loves and family to a high standard. It's usually said like it's a bad thing. I won't ever be convinced of that. I am aware that there will inevitable disappointments. I get it that we're all fallible...but it's how we deal with what happens next that matters.

It's for these reasons I distance myself from most, and try to keep company with folks who are truly happy and striving to make the short time they have here remarkable.

(side note to BFF...none of this introspection is about you, goose.)
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