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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
Let's get started 
24th-Jul-2001 09:02 am
On my mind today...the crows.

Specifically...crow magick. I think I should be paying attention to them. So...I am starting this journal to see what I can track. Seems there are these 3 crows, almost always 3, that live in my woods. When I see them, it feels like they are a portent of something I should be looking for in my day. They are a reminder to me that beauty and magick and mysteries surround me. I just need to pay attention.

They flew through the front yard this morning, usually I only see them in the back, or on my street guiding me home when I am returning home. I see crows all over this area, but they don't "feel" like mine. I get a different feeling inside when they are my crows. The crows meant for me.

And this was the closest I have seen one. Walking very confidently on the front lawn. Oblivious to the world. The other two I saw fly through the trees out front.

I'd like to believe that this means that what I am looking for is right in front of me today. It'll be interesting to experience this day and then see if the crow was significant.

So ends this mornings missive.
25th-Jul-2001 05:07 am (UTC)
Welcome, howdy- I'm just happy someone else has mentioned 'BOTA' in their interets. Now there are 2 of us! :)

Keep us posted on the crow situation. Cheers!
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