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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
Pain = Gain, and that's no longer working for me. 
6th-Feb-2007 09:02 am
Dragon Fly
Getting fit is a goal of mine. I'm not going to worry about pounds, inches, fat or calorie intake, or any of the traditional ways of measuring success. I just want to feel more energetic, vital, and healthy. Up until just recently, aerobic exercise was something that would cause my wrist to swell and throb. This meant that even dancing for more than a song or two would keep me in pain for several days. Last summer, even a walk around the yard in the heat would be miserable.

I still can't wear the rings that a year ago were loose on that hand. There is still swelling in that hand, but it's slowly returning to something like normal.

After nearly a year of sedentary behavior, sacrificing activity for comfort, I am about ready to go out of my mind. Getting momentum going is so difficult. Due to transportation restraints, I have to do what I can from the house. I'd like to go back to Curves in April when Missy gets back on the road. But I can't wait that long to get started. I remember the last time I lost weight and got fit working out at Curves. I remember the glow and satisfaction of working out with pleasure, watching the fancy ladies with scowls doing it for a need to attain an impossible vanity goal. I just want to feel this body work well.

So how will I know if I've reached my goal? I will know by the reduction in the amount of pain I have when I first get up. I will know when going for a walk is a treat, not something I need to take an anti-inflammatory before attempting. I will know when I desire to travel a little farther, a little faster, and a lot more often.
6th-Feb-2007 04:53 pm (UTC)
I just need to share with you my friend, I may not comment often, but I read you nearly every day, and nearly every day I am amazed at your strength and determination. You provide me with such inspiration as to not give up on my dreams, and the motivation to move forward with them. I don't feel like I've accomplished much this past year, but, I have found a certain happy within myself and that is quite something after all. I can't wait until April to spend the evening together and soak in the physical closeness that I've missed from you.
6th-Feb-2007 06:46 pm (UTC)
I wish you the best of luck and motivation. I know first hand how hard it is to get started again, after a long sedentary period. It sounds like you can visualize the success though, so I know you will make it. Have fun getting there!
7th-Feb-2007 11:32 am (UTC)
this summer, I want to start doing nature hikes, and by hike I mean walking along the paths they have in Kensington, etc. NOthing too strenous, I just want to keep moving. I plan on biking. I'd love company. :)
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