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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
26th-Feb-2007 08:37 pm
The first day at ELGA was...well...let's just say that I feel like a semi-truck size sponge completely full with soggy knowledge. I'm saturated.

I was functional the first day out of the gate. Cleaned up 6 of the 49 pages I have to maintain. Came up with a game plan for tracking and making notes of the others and what needs to happen to them. Made a graphical presentation based on an existing presentation for the flat screen TV's they have in all the branches and got it loaded and running. Took copious notes, got used to the system and tools.

I am going to be using a product called Camtasia Studio, which is a complete professional solution for recording, editing and sharing high-quality screen video on the Web, CD-ROM and portable media players, including iPod. The idea is to take the current literature on all the products and get that up in .PDF format. Then I'll create a screen video to provide more dynamic information or tutorials on how to use the product. This is so very, very cool.

I'm using Dotproject to manage my projects and report my time. This is a very cool product as well, open source, that will provide me with a ton of ability to document my work and keep current with all the little pieces of projects that will crop up.

Tomorrow, I will probably spend 8 or 9 hours just on going through the other 43 pages, making notes on what I think needs to happen so that I can start gathering the information on Wednesday to implement the changes, or making changes based on the info I got today.

So, great day. Indeed.

Why do we
Live like this
Is it because it’s true
That ignorance is bliss
26th-Feb-2007 11:14 pm (UTC)
That sounds AWESOME.
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