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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
27th-Mar-2007 10:05 am
Comfortable. In my head. With my body. With my job. With my relationships. With me.

However, that doesn't mean that I don't get lonesome now and again. I really love the freedom that I have to work at home and during the hours that I want. But now that I'm reintegrating with people again, I find myself enjoying some idle conversation now and again during the day. That becomes pronounced on a day like today. It's beautiful out, and I'd love to talk with someone about it, but most folks are stuck in an office and don't want to hear about how nice it is outside, or how I'm taking a few hours in the middle of the day to go do some gardening, just to get outside. Or how, when I do pick up one of my work projects, I'll probably be outside working on it. I'm pretty sure some folks reading this won't be thinking kindly of me right now.

Spring brings about a very pronounced flow of my creativity and connection to everything. I told alchemuse yesterday that I want to have a 'take no prisoners" summer. I think that means Spring should be a "no holds barred" season. Anything goes. No limitations. I spent a year being hurt and angry and just let down in so very many ways. That all has been cleared out now. Nothing is left, so now I can rebuild.

I want to write today. After I tend my garden just a bit, I want to sit down and work on my novel. Maybe I can let the characters work out things I couldn't. That's the beauty of fiction. Things can be solved.

And on a final, very bright note...I received a MOST Wonderful Surprise last week. This was waiting for me on my doorstep via batty_.

*MUCH LOVE* Now I can boast: I shall never be peepless again!!!!!
27th-Mar-2007 11:12 am (UTC)
OMFG that peep ROCKS! *so* awesome!
27th-Mar-2007 11:44 am (UTC)
*back of hand to forehead* "As G*d is my witness, I'll never be peepless agayin."

I'm only jealous because I can't hop in my car and join you up there. But I am hoping that may change.

Spring Like a Pirate - take no prisoners! Aye!
27th-Mar-2007 12:38 pm (UTC)
That is a total riot!
27th-Mar-2007 12:45 pm (UTC)
omg that is so sweet and adorable!
27th-Mar-2007 01:34 pm (UTC)
Can you put this one in the microwave? ;)
28th-Mar-2007 12:46 am (UTC)
PEEP PILLOW! Now THAT is a great gift.
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