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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
Internal Clocks and Dream Rhythms 
1st-Apr-2007 08:05 am
I do wish my internal clock would take the weekends off. I suppose it's kind of nifty to be in tune with the rotation of the earth so that I naturally and gently wake up just moments before the sky begins to subtly shake off the dark. If I make it sound poetic, it feels better than saying "why in hell am I up when it's still dark out?" I'll share a secret. I really do love this time of the morning. And it's even better in spring, because I can count about six different bird songs right now. It's really lovely.

I really do dig this planet. The raw energy I can feel sitting in my garden, digging my toes in the dirt, walking in the woods out back, it's all just amazing. After the winter, I love getting back out into the open and reconnecting with the things that ground me and remind me of my connection to this planet. It makes me want to tend the earth, to make this space better, to be more responsible with what I've been graced to live upon. I love being a homeowner. I like to travel from time to time to explore, but I am so connected to this place that coming home feels so right. The plans we have for this place in the years to come are so exciting to me. Last night, Brian and I talked about how fun it would be to camp out back near the river just to hear the sounds of the water and the animals that come through. It makes me laugh to think about camping in my backyard, but darn it, I bet we'll have a great time doing it!

I'm putting my energy back into tending this gentle garden of mine. Today I'm going to start some seedlings. I want to make up for the time I couldn't spend out there last year. The more time I spend in my garden with my healing and culinary herbs, the more healing energy comes back to me. I feel grounded here. It's the most perfect place for me to call home.

I have wild violets starting to appear. I want to make a salve with the leaves this year. My Creeping Charlie spent the winter establishing it's hold onto one section of the garden, slithering under the leaf cover to extend it's perimeter by 2 feet in all directions. This I will gather and tincture. I can't wait for the savory to grow to make some nice dishes with it, and I've found the tarragon I've been wanting to start as seed.

I'm back doing all the things I love again. I've got it all going on and I'm still amazed at how, instead of feeling heavy with so much to do, I feel light as air. I honestly don't know how to be bored. My biggest problem these days is deciding which one of the cool things I can do will I work on today! A whole day to do anything I want! *laugh* What to do first?!?!?!
1st-Apr-2007 12:01 pm (UTC)
when you are like this I can't get enough of you. It makes me wish we lived closer together for our sunrise coffee chats.
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