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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
Lovely Days 
2nd-Apr-2007 06:34 am
Instead of going to Ann Arbor yesterday for the Pow Wow, we ended up enjoying the unexpectedly gorgeous afternoon doing things around here.

It was pretty foggy in the morning, and just as that cleared up, I decided to run outside and get my seed starting trays. While out, I realized how gorgeous the day was, and Brian and I spontaneously burst into action, opening the house up to the fresh air, and grabbing gardening tools and hats and dashing out to the garden.

Brian finished raking the leaves I didn't get to, and I dove into cleaning out the raised gardens. It was a perfect temp for this kind of work. And No Bugs! We got to the gardens before the bities this year! For the first time since we opened the store 5 years ago, I feel like I may have the opportunity to tend a magnificent garden! I'm so thrilled.

For my darling seph_ski and dearest hannunvaakuna, this simply means that the hardest work has been done, and the fun stuff is what's left. So I'm still up for help in the gardens. I'd love to get some TLC to all 4 garden sections this year. Just tell me when.

After a few hours in the garden, Brian and I took Missy out for a drive to Border's by Great Lakes Crossing. I am now the giddy owner of the latest Mojo magazine which is 100% dedicated to *swoon* David Bowie. It has some brilliant articles and tons of swoony pictures. I also got the latest Modest Mouse album, which I love. They have awesome lyrics. I think the following tickled me the most. It's from a song called Spitting Venom.

Hold on to what you need
We've got a knack for fucked up history
Hold on to what you need
We've got a knack for messed up history

I did't know you kept track
I didn't know there was a score
Well it looks like your the winner and I ain't gonna play no more
Its over
Game over

You can say what you want but don't act like you care
It takes more than one person to decide whats fair
Its over
Think it over

You were spitting venom at most everyone you know
If the damned gave you a road map then you'd know which way to go
So we carried all the groceries in while hauling out the trash
And if this doesn't make us motionless I do not know what can
What a rotten thing to say such an awful thing to say
I didn't mean to bite you so really
I always did what I always did what I always had to sling
So let it drop

Let it all drop
Let it all drop
Oh let it all fall off

As they all say at ELGA, Make it a Great Day. And as zaapiel always adds, I know I will!
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