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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
4th-Apr-2007 05:36 pm
Tax time stresses this household out. The last of the debt from closing the store will be gone as soon as we pay the IRS. That's going to be a good thing.

I sure am glad I got this job when I did, it's helping ease that burden.

I'm feeling antsy right now. The biggest problem I have with working part time is stopping when I have my hours in for the week. I'm salaried, so there's no over time. And comp time won't kick in until I've been there 6 months, so I have to pace myself. It's difficult when you really love what you're working on. I see how this place ropes you in now.

I'm going to take tomorrow off, do some cleaning, some laundry, and just sort of...be. Friday I'll go back in to the admin building and finish up about 7 hours for the week doing some printing and video work that I can't do from home.

Saturday, we have alchemuse and gwyrah coming up for a gastronomical and gossipy good time. See if Lisa and I can't find the right mix of buzz and snark. I believe I'm going to make a spicy beef burgundy type stew with fresh vegetables and roasted jalepenos. I made one not too long ago that really rocked. I will pick up some wine and a loaf of bread, too. It's a farmers market and butcher shop day on Saturday, so everything will be market fresh. I love doing that for friends.

I can't seem to get past the "I need to be learning" stage right now. I keep bouncing back and forth between herbal studies, metaphysical studies, and reading about quantum physics. And the weird, awesome part, is that these three areas keep overlapping in information. That tickles me to no end!

The winds and the flurries have brought me back inside, no more middle pillar in my circle until it gets above 40 and dry. I'm just a bit wussy that way. The fire in the stove sure is nice today.
4th-Apr-2007 06:49 pm (UTC)
gastronomical good time
heh, clever :-)

have fun with your friends.
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