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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
All work, little play, and I'm still enjoying every moment 
11th-Apr-2007 05:56 am
Had a big marketing promo finish up yesterday. It occurs to me that the better I am at print, the less time I have for web work. Actually, Brian rather pointed that out. The honeymoon phase where I fit everything they throw at me in a 30 hour week into finished work is coming to a deliberate end. Now that I have a feel for the flow, I am going to need to budget my time and make some decisions on where my skills would be best utilized.

I've really enjoyed the creative process in designing all the elements, but the real meaty stuff on the web is where I need to invest. I bring such a vast array of skills that this department can use, but if I don't manage them myself, I'm going to be spread too thin. This week is kind of rough anyway because my other marketing co-worker is in Mexico and won't be back until next Wednesday. And everyone is sort of waiting to see if she's going to settle down here, or move our of state (or country). It's like there's a lot of people collectively holding their breath. If she choses to go, her position will be opened up internally and I'm not sure what the environment will be like after that. Wait and see.

I'm in the office again today. Three days in a row. Some of my work really does require I'm there, mostly in the print and video display message areas. The rest of this week will have me at home again. I will be glad for the quiet time again to reassess my project list.
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