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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
13th-Apr-2007 07:48 am
I FINALLY have a phone that doesn't drop calls! I am THRILLED! She's a pretty new silver RAZR. The LG I had for the last 2 years was a known lemon. I hated talking on it because I lost 85% of all my calls and had to find a spot in the house to get any reception. But now, now!, I have tested several calls where I could move about with ease and keep the call crystal clear and connected.

Of course...this means I have to update all my numbers. No one but me can see your info.

Poll #965769 Phone Numbers

Name I should use? (oh...just have fun here!)

Home Phone #

Cell Phone #

Work Phone #

Other number?

email address


Which number should I put as Primary Number?


Are you available for dr0nk texting?

I guess
Oh good lord, no!


I need your numbers, text me with them!
I need your numbers, email me
Text me any time
You can and should send me pics to my cell
Mark my numbers as Emergency Use Only!
Let's get together soon, call or text me!
I have Verizon service

Well, the weird sisters reunion is postponed a bit. Life gets in the way of fun now and again.

Tomorrow is Heather's baby shower. I can't wait to see her, it's been so long. I am not looking forward to being in a room with the relatives of Brian's ex, but she's worth the few hours of potential discomfort. I have a great surprise for her, so I'm looking forward to that. seph_ski made the suggestion of taking a flask and dressing with flair. I think that's a fabulous idea.

Today I get to have lunch with hannunvaakuna, who is in my neck o' da woods for a late morning meeting with Brandon Library. I'm quite geeked about getting some time with her.

It looks like I've finally gotten a schedule for being at the admin building. I will always be there on Wednesdays. I will plan on being there on Thursdays as well, but if I need to swap it for a Tuesday, that's ok. Now I can start planning my days with some structure, and my play time with more abandon. sravenmad, If you have any Mon/Tues/Fridays that you'd like to get together, I can now commit! It only took 6 weeks to manage *grin*

I am really amazed at the plants in my kitchen window. Things are flowering. "But Deb," you say "it's spring. Plants do that in spring." And I reply...not Christmas Cacti and fall blooming mums! And miracle of miracles, one of Brian's two remaining orchids is sending up a flower! It should be a stunning one, too...with trailing tendrils and deep burgundy and green petals. I miss his flowering beauties.
14th-Apr-2007 04:48 am (UTC)

lunch was awesome, lady. we must do it again soon!
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