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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
A desire to create, the god nature in us. 
24th-Apr-2007 06:35 am
I was sitting out in the gazebo thinking about art. I'm pretty certain it was because of watching a poorly acted, but interesting independent film, The Art of Passion. It's funny how sometimes the story and the cinematography can make you overlook the cardboard actors.

A talented young man is attending a Cape Cod art school. The instructor is teaching him paint what he sees, the interplay of light and color. He meets an established modern artist who teaches him to paint what he feels. At one point, she asks him to paint something that comes from his head, not something he's looking at in the room.

This got me to thinking about art of all kinds. There are artists who create things based on capturing reality, recording the detail of a moment and cementing it in their chosen media. And there are artists who create things that never existed in our reality until they made their work visible.

Brush to canvas, pen to paper, pixel to monitor...the media doesn't matter. I just find the process of art amazing.

I'm not stating anything new or revolutionary, just rolling about in my mind the difference that occurred to me after watching this film.

When I write, or draw, or paint something that I see, it's an easy process for me to capture and reflect reality. My creative soul, however, wishes the craft modern type art, which has to come from inside my head. Those moments, when I want to create something new to this world, that's when I have the hardest time starting, those are the moments of greatest doubt, wondering if I have what it takes to breathe life into something I can't copy. And those are the pieces that ultimately bring me the most satisfaction once I overcome the fear and let the objects become something surreal.
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