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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
street cred - knockin' it art style 
19th-Jun-2007 10:28 am
Once Upon A Time
Someone at one of our branches said to me "wow, you do such amazing work, where did you go to school to learn to do all this?"

I started to feel a little sheepish, the schooling I've had was all management information systems, and I never finished that degree. The only artistic classes I ever took were in high school.

But then I thought about some of the truly amazing people that have graced my life that I have learned from.

First and foremost: My mother.
When I was a tiny person, my mother used to draw constantly. Her favorite media was charcoal and chalk. I remember pouring over her sketch books like a 2 year old wearing out a favorite book just looking at the pages before she can read. I can still close my eyes and remember vividly my favorites. She had a passion for the Beatles, so there were many portraits of them in those pages.

Mom also worked at HobbyCraft. It was a distribution center for craft and model stores. Imagine being in grade school and going to a warehouse on a Saturday where there were shelves to the high ceilings packed with models and craft kits and craft supplies. The warehouse was the size of a large grocery store. And I could pick out one thing to work on. This would happen once or twice a month for most of my childhood. I learned to paint and sew and work with clay and metal and so many other things. I got to try everything.

Mom cultivated my artistic eye. She let it go for a lot of years, but she's back and has her first gallery showing in Tucson this coming February.

Next up: Ginny(Virginia) Cartmell
I worked with Ginny at The Church of Today in the mid 80's. I managed their Novell network, and she ran their art/marketing department. My department ran like clockwork, so a few times a week I'd find myself with time on my hands and I'd go pester Ginny who was seriously shorthanded most of the time.

Ginny taught me how to use Ventura Desktop Publishing, but she also showed me how to do core board layout as well, manually placing text for print. I was her second set of hands in doing everything she did. The art department there was well funded so we had a lot of great things to play with. She taught me how to lay out posters and newsletters and advertising. I worked with her for nearly two years learning all she offered to teach. Her lessons stuck. I still lay things out with her voice in my head telling me her rules for successful layouts. In her illustrious rock star past, Ginny had worked for a decade at Cream Magazine in their art department.

When I created the education department at Computer Data, Inc. I did all of the print work there as well, including the newsletter and class brochure. Every step of the way, Ginny was guiding me in spirit.

I have been coached and inspired by other really amazing folks, too. batty_ has been a source of artistic inspiration ever since she put on stripey-socks in my hotel room ages ago. I've watched her become a corporate artist and work her way up through the levels and felt her passion for art.

vergil's passion for art through music gets me going. The way that he can break things down to their technical elements and build up a truly unique sound amazes me. Just speaking with him about the tools he's using and the set up he's creating is inspiring.

Even atdt1991 let me play for a short while in his bag of Photoshop tricks which became a launching pad for my understanding how Photoshop approaches an art philosophy.

Anyone who has passion for what they do inspires me. Between them and paying attention to advertising that appeals to me, I've learned an incredible amount of applicable knowledge. I think the best thing in my favor is that I've paid attention to the details. And now it's paying off. Literally.

This trip down memory lane brought to you while seducing my muse. IT handed me a copy of InDesign CS3 and I have thrown out Quark for good. Bliss today is the right tool for the right job. *piddle*
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