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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
Rhetorical Post 
24th-Jul-2007 07:50 am
Clouds in my coffee
Today is a good day to be a hermit. I am weary of watching stupid people tricks. Yes, I realize that this is a mish mash of private thoughts on the matter.

- Tour de France fans are jackasses. Why do they allow the fans to interfere with a race?

- I can still feel when you hurt. *hug*

- What's worse? Being a part of a cultural phenomenon or disparaging it to make yourself appear superior?

- I read, on average, 70 - 80 pages an hour. I can read faster if the story takes me in. I do not appreciate comments that make me feel like a freak for being able to do that. If that's freakish, then a great many people I adore are freaks like me. And yes, I do, in fact, retain what I read and it is immensely enjoyable.

- Working from home is what the CEO requested when she hired me. I'm sorry that I have this ability, but it has no bearing on anything. Your constant digs do not make me feel part of your team. You have benefits I don't. If you want what I have so badly, go out and find it for yourself. I didn't come by this easy, why should it just be handed to you?

- My kingdom for someone who understands!

Me: I do not like people. People make my skin crawl
David: Frequently that is a symptom of an overdose of stupidity.
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