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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
6th-Aug-2007 06:56 am
Recycled Heart
Connections are what make my world go round. The synchronicity I share with people I care about fills my heart up to overflowing. Don't know if this is just me in my season of power, but it even makes communicating between Brian and me easier since we don't even have to finish sentences.

Jerry: "I think you understand me better than anyone ever has....and I like that. Its funny what you said about fighting back, 'cause I let a lot go off my back that I shouldn't. Funny, I am finally starting to feel better. I think you are the best medicine that I ever had."

I need to feel connected to a small handful of people despite my insistence at staying a hermit. It's important to my soul.
6th-Aug-2007 12:32 pm (UTC)
Traditionally hermits did meet with each other and gather in communities. The concept of a hermit being all alone all the time is just incorrect.

You are in fact an excellent Hermit. You stand on the path, a tested and tried traveler now, with wisdom and knowledge. You hold your staff firmly in one hand, or in your case your broom, with which you offer both security, and command respect and power and defense to those who would harm. You hold out your lamp in the darkness to guide the traveler on the path, offering a resting point of understanding, protection and shelter from the storm. Yes, you are an excellent Hermit.

But even Hermits need to have human interaction with others, especially other Hermits! You need it because they, being seasoned travelers like yourself understand without words expression where you are on the path yourself, because, although you stand on the mountain to guide the neophyte, you are still on the path yourself, still a traveler, still learning. The Master/student now.

I'm sure some catholic fanatic would have torched you .... it's an honor to be a fellow heretic and hermit. And I always feel fortunate that from time to time you venture to my side of the mountain for a cup of tea and quiet reflection on the beauty and wonder of nature.

the hermit called Pujik Hahk

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