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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
14th-Mar-2008 06:20 am
Rice Boy w/Flower
Spent the last two days in Frankenmuth at a Marketing Seminar. So much info to process.

I think, within the next year, I am going to have to decide what I want to be when I grow up. I wear three hats and one of them is going to have to take a backseat. I am the art department, the marketing data analyst, and the webmistress. Problem is that I am good at and love all three. But to do a great job, I think I have the max capacity of 2 of these.

I know where the smart money would put me. I just need to reconcile having a career again.

I'm in the office today, doing an encore performance of Madame Manners.

Oh! Happy PI day! "I’m like Pi…irrational, but well-rounded."
(Deleted comment)
14th-Mar-2008 08:52 pm (UTC)
Oddly (interestingly? amusingly?) Art Department is the weakest of my skills.

*whispers a secret* I thrive on people realizing I can use both sides of my brain. Knowing that the CEO is grooming me for bigger things makes me giddy. I'm such a sucker. I love making people's head spin.
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