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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
Let's replace her coffee with some stream of consciousness chatter 
10th-Apr-2008 07:01 am
Let's see where my mind wants to go

These days my biological clock tracks the progress of learning and projects. And the ticking is now monumentally deafening.

Comfort Zone Project(s)
Blending fibers, spinning and knitting. If I could spend 18 hours of my day on those things, I would.
Thought there were more, but this is it.

Have I mentioned that I hate 'having' to do things. Anything? There is something in my head that is fundamentally opposed to being expected to do any one thing. There is a woman at work that rubs me the wrong way. She took me to task once for not making an effort to say "hi" whenever I walk into the IT cubicle farm and pass her desk (which is at the entrance to the room...there is no way to avoid her desk). Her insistence has caused me to refuse to greet her. She now won't initiate any conversation with me, which honestly is a blessing. I just hate when I am expected to do something that is truly optional. I'll do it if and when I want to, and very little will make me budge from that stance.

Things I want to spend time doing
Studying Herbal use, philosophy, Tarot/BOTA, marksmanship
Writing Due to Life™, I have not put pen/pencil/keyboard to story in months
Paint I have a concept I want to do, but I feel guilty starting that with all my unfinished projects

I need gazebo time. Perhaps I'll bundle up and sit outside to do some work today.

Coffee isn't doing the trick today. I think a large pot of Jasmine White Tea is in order.
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