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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
This is going to be a very interesting week 
11th-May-2008 09:52 am
So, this coming week is going to be different and yet familiar. I will be out of my comfort zone for several days, and I'm eager for it.

I am technically the electronic art department for the credit union. (although I also play a major role in data analysis for the marketing department, pulling numbers out of the system to make custom reports that let the branches see where they need to focus their efforts). I bet that most financial institutions don't have someone that can do both, and do them well. It's the ideal position for me because my brain requires both strong left and right brain stimulus to stay interested.

Why outside of my comfort zone? Well, this conference is specifically targeted for 'credit union leaders.' In other words, this conference (which is a big event) will be attended by CEO's, CIO's, CFO's, and department directors. To attend, my CEO had to tell them that I was management level. I'm not, but she feels I am capable of representing our marketing department at that level. It feels big to me.

"Attention credit union leaders—if you’ve had enough of ordinary conferences, you need to experience this new event. Leave the PowerPoint presentations behind and learn from innovators outside the credit union movement. Travel off-site to visit businesses at the forefront of creative thinking in marketing, technology and operations. Take what you learn on these excursions and develop an action plan tailored to your credit union. Don’t miss this event—the most mind-opening experience in the movement!"

And my CEO has told me and the Compliance Officer I'm traveling with that we need to come back prepared to do a presentation of what we learn.

I am totally up for the learning challenge. Where I am a little wiggly is how I will interact with the actual high level management types. I don't want to misrepresent myself, but I also want to be taken seriously. I mean, my high profile, well known CEO sent me there deliberately. I need to keep that in mind.

Time to pack my enigma/superhero duds. I fly on Tuesday.
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