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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
15th-Jun-2008 08:56 am
Mind Weasels
Sometimes, when we are in the midst of an unpleasant environment, we normalize it. We stop noticing the bad smell, or the annoying sound, or the less than ideal temperature. When it's pervasive, it becomes normalized to make it easier to deal with.

And this is why I woke up realizing that I am covered in weasels and breathing their noxious fur.

No one has the ability to get me out of this, save myself. However, some people make it easier to keep wanting to slough them off. And that's more important than anything because I realize that I can't operate in a Hermitage vacuum.

The weasels have velcro feet. It's really difficult to get them to unstick and not reattach. The worst of the bunch sounds like my mother these days. "you're a failure because of your weight." Yeah...that's what everything is revolving around. What a crock of shit. I thought I had gotten rid of that issue. My weight and my successes/failures are not related. Life does not reward or punish me based on what the scale says. So why do I keep waking up thinking that?

I haven't felt like myself in so long that I'm not sure I can get back to the person I was. I don't want to normalize who I am now, however. Time to reinvent, reorganize, and retool.

Time to shoot some frakkin' weasels. I wonder if the shooting range would let me pin some of them up as targets. I want some satisfaction of fur flying.
15th-Jun-2008 10:47 am (UTC) - BANG! BANG-BANG!!!
GO YOU! *hugsyoutightly*

Knead bread and pretend the dough is the weasel-du-jour?
Go find a large k-nif and go whack the invasive species in the back yard?

...go shoot something that makes a wonderful sound when you hit it?

*dances around madly, singing with glee at the top of my lungs: "WEASEL GONNA DIIIIEEEEE!"*
15th-Jun-2008 12:01 pm (UTC)
You know what made me and Craig feel better about our weight recently? Going to the beach. There were people of all shapes and sizes walking around half naked there. I saw a lot of fat and a ton of cellulite and not much in the way of self-consciousness. (Not even from the old dude in the Speedo, unfortunately.) I haven't wanted to wear a swimsuit in years, but that day I really wish I'd thought to bring one. No one else seemed to to be trying to suck it in or hide under filmy wraps. :)

Those few hours at the beach did a ton of good for my self image. I highly recommend it.
16th-Jun-2008 11:30 am (UTC) - And remember, *You* are fabulous!
Just watched this video, and it made me feel fabulous so I wanted to share. Mind you, I'm not a big fan of the dress (I might like it better after a good pressing), but I LOVE his attitude that clothes aren't just for skinny people, that a good designer should be able to design for all shapes and sizes. I love how casual and accepting he is about fuller figures. I've read some of his site and watched the earlier episodes too, and I know he has a beef with models who starve themselves for their work. He makes a point of selecting healthy models for his shows. I didn't care for him much when I first saw him on Project Runway, but he grew on me real fast, and by the time he was cut, I was heart-broken to see him go. I'm glad to see he's doing well for himself. He seems like a genuine sweetie. Anyhoo, enough fangrrl gushing. :)

17th-Jun-2008 09:17 pm (UTC)
Might I suggest pinning them to walls and such with stiletto knives? Not the most efficient, but they scream beautifully as they die.
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