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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
This or that. I can make a choice. 
10th-Jul-2008 07:57 am

Your result for The Color Code Test...

Color Code: RED: The Boss

Here is the basics: For a more in depth analysis, I suggest you look up the Color Code, and take a more intensive test.


RED NEEDS: To look good (Technically), To be right, To be respected, Approval from a select few.

RED WANTS: To hide insecurities (tightly), Productivity, Leadership, Challenging adventure

SUMMARY: Reds are hungry for power. simply stated reds want their own way. They can be manipulative. Reds find it almost impossible to relinquish their power and freedom when they meet with authority figures. Reds want to be productive. Reds like to work - in school, in their their careers, and in their relationships. They are often work-a-holics. They will, however, resist being forced to do anything that doesn't interest them. Reds want to look good to others. Reds need to appear knowledgeable. They want to be respected even more than they want to be loved. They want to be admired for their practical and logical minds. Reds shouldn't be taken too seriously. They often state the facts as they see them. They seldom say "in my opinion" before stating their opinions. Reds seek leadership opportunities. Reds are often called "control freaks." If a red can get an upper hand, she or he will.

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10th-Jul-2008 08:40 am (UTC) - So THERE!
Put that in your management's mailbox!

See, if they can't do their jobs, you would be more than happy doing for them and getting it right the first time! lol
10th-Jul-2008 10:45 am (UTC) - i got one of my favorite colors (:

Your result for The Color Code Test...

Color Code: BLUE: The Social Butterfly

Here is the basics: For a more in depth analysis, I suggest you look up the Color Code, and take a more intensive test.


BLUE NEEDS: To be good (morally), To be understood, To be appreciated, Acceptance.

BLUE WANTS: To reveal insecurities, Quality, Autonomy, Secuirity.

SUMMARY: Blues are motivated by altruism. They love to do nice things for others. they look for opportunites to give up something in order to bring another person happiness. selflessness rather than selfishness is their guiding philosophy. Blues seek intimacy. They want to be loved and to love. A true blue will sacrifice a successful career to improve an important relationship. Blues crave being understood. They are gratified when they are listened to, when they feel understood and appreciated. Blues may have thier hearts broken more than most people, but they also spend much more time in love. Blues are directed by a strong moral conscience. They have a moral code that guides them in their decision making, their value judgements, and their leisure time. A blue would rather lose than cheat. Ethically, blues are people who should be in positions of power, but seldom are.

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10th-Jul-2008 09:12 pm (UTC)
Let's replace "red" with "Deb," shall we?

Perhaps you do not wish to be called that. I'm sorry. But it sounds more like "red."

Deb is refreshing to have around. Deb isn't a mamby-pamby. Deb has a little fire in her veins, a little grit and determination. Deb doesn't mince words. Deb doesn't play games. Deb tells you how it is and that is nice to have once in awhile. Deb isn't a coward, and she will draw a line in the sand and dare you to cross while you sit there with your sour-puss, dour attitude, as bitter and humorless and uptight as Ayn Rand.

TAKE THAT, cowards.

For those of you who like Ayn Rand, sorry. What I said is true, as far as I can see from reading "The Fountainhead." It is also true that while I myself disagree profoundly with her, I also feel that some of the criticism aimed towards her was from people who quite simply felt uncomfortable with what she had to say. Talented, intelligent, yes, always correct? No. I find a materialist obsession with logic tiresome. Yes, logic is great, but its flaw lies in the fact that it relies upon knowledge, and, as we all know, most things we simply don't know. A child can tell you things that are logical and clever and observant("Wind must come from trees, because when I see branches move I feel a breeze.") but that doesn't mean it's right. The spiritual world exists.

Um, sorry, back to Deb....

Deb makes rockin' soap! Deb knows stuff about computers! Deb can spin maple leaves into roses! Deb makes her own clothes! Deb invented lunch meat! Deb has purple hair! Deb hopefully has forgiven me for talking too much as she assisted me making perfume!
11th-Jul-2008 05:17 pm (UTC)
YOU need to give pep talks for a living. I didn't read this until just now. Damn, I wish I had read it earlier because I would have never made my sad sack post.

For the record, many of my most cherished friends call me Deb, and you are in this group.
10th-Jul-2008 09:23 pm (UTC)

Your result for The Color Code Test...

Color Code: WHITE: The Peace Keeper

3% Red, 34% Blue, 49% White and 14% Yellow!

Here is the basics: For a more in depth analysis, I suggest you look up the Color Code, and take a more intensive test.


WHITE NEEDS: To feel good (inside), To be allowed their own space, To be respected, Tolerance.

WHITE WANTS: To withhold insecurities, Kindness, Independence, Contentment.

SUMMARY: Whites are motivated by peace. They will do almost anythign to avoid confrontation. They like to flow through life without hassle or discomfort. Feeling good is even more important to them then being good. Whites need kindness. They resent being scolded. They dislike harsh words. They open up instantly to people who are kind, but Whites recoil from those who are hostile. Whites prefer quiet strength. they enjoy thier quiet independence. This can often be percieved as bullheadedness. Whites like to keep a low profile. They like to be asked their opinions but they won't volunteer them. Whites are independent. Unlike Reds and Blues who want to control others, Whites seek only to avoid being controlled.  They don't like to be pushed, and they can be fearsome when they finally "blow up." Whites are motivated by other peoples desires. They want suggestions however, not demands.

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