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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
Counterpoint to Sad Sack Post 
11th-Jul-2008 05:23 pm
To balance my fugue of this morning, I want to copy and paste (with minor edits for tangents) something that stulka_skyr felt necessary to tell me. This beautiful soul needs to give pep talks professionally.

This is in response to the color meme

Let's replace "red" with "Deb," shall we?

Deb is refreshing to have around. Deb isn't a mamby-pamby. Deb has a little fire in her veins, a little grit and determination. Deb doesn't mince words. Deb doesn't play games. Deb tells you how it is and that is nice to have once in awhile. Deb isn't a coward, and she will draw a line in the sand and dare you to cross while you sit there with your sour-puss, dour attitude, as bitter and humorless and uptight as Ayn Rand.

TAKE THAT, cowards.

For those of you who like Ayn Rand, sorry. What I said is true, as far as I can see from reading "The Fountainhead." It is also true that while I myself disagree profoundly with her, I also feel that some of the criticism aimed towards her was from people who quite simply felt uncomfortable with what she had to say. Talented, intelligent, yes, always correct? No. I find a materialist obsession with logic tiresome. Yes, logic is great, but its flaw lies in the fact that it relies upon knowledge, and, as we all know, most things we simply don't know. A child can tell you things that are logical and clever and observant("Wind must come from trees, because when I see branches move I feel a breeze.") but that doesn't mean it's right. The spiritual world exists.

Um, sorry, back to Deb....

Deb makes rockin' soap! Deb knows stuff about computers! Deb can spin maple leaves into roses! Deb makes her own clothes! Deb invented lunch meat! Deb has purple hair! Deb hopefully has forgiven me for talking too much as she assisted me making perfume!

Thank you so much, Jennifer. You helped me extricate my head today.

For the record, though, I didn't invent lunch meat, but I do think that may be my favorite line.
11th-Jul-2008 07:21 pm (UTC)
But if you DID invent lunch meat, we know it would be FANTASTIC!
Maybe you could invent Debmeat? A tasty, healthy, and fun alternative to lunch meat?
12th-Jul-2008 07:44 am (UTC) - Wow
You should re-write that into your profile.

Right up to the Ayn Rand part anyway.
13th-Jul-2008 10:22 am (UTC)
Oh, my, I'm so happy that I encouraged you.

PMS helps make me so eloquent.
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