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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
Shock and Awe 
14th-Jul-2008 06:46 am
Once Upon A Time
Looks like today will be one of "waiting for word." *sending lots of love and strength* Please email and let me know how you're doing.

Since alchemuse had a weekend in the hospital with a very sick, but still devastatingly charming, hubby, I decided to pick up the writing stick and managed to get 14 chapters completely outlined. 14! I'm still boggled that I got that far. 8 more and I'll have the entire plot nailed down. I had been fighting doing an outline because that's not my preferred style, but I needed to see the bigger picture for holes and continuity.

I know I shouldn't be so shocked, but this makes writing the story feel so much easier! Like it could write itself! Puzzle pieces just kept falling into place and secondary characters that I thought were bridges to action become important players later on. The cast and crew is now set at 9. There will be one or two more before I'm done, but it looks entirely manageable. I love meeting new characters, and I had an immediate sense of the three new ones I met yesterday.

I've played with this concept for so many years, and seeing it flesh out is so thrilling.

Brian went back out yesterday, playing backyard lumberjack, despite my recommendation to let his aching back rest one more weekend. While he was out there working on cutting up the stuff already on the ground, a 40' Poplar decided that it couldn't stand up to the gusting wind yesterday, and fell over about 15' from where he was working, sufficiently spooking both of us. I was up in the gazebo writing when I heard it fall, I thought he did it on purpose. He beeps the walkie talkie and asks if I heard that, then tells me it wasn't one he had messed with. That's really unsettling.

Ok, manager is still on vacation today so I should have a reasonably uneventful Monday. I feel confident. Time to shower.
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