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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
19th-Jul-2008 09:42 am
1 year ago this week: Craig taught me how to use his lathe and I fell in lust with woodworking goodness.

2 years ago this week: I was dealing with healing from the second wrist surgery and trying to make sense of why people I loved behaved like self centered jackasses. I also created chicken_trax

3 years ago this week: Brian, Joy, and I had gone to the Midnight release of Half Blood Prince.

4 years ago this week: I was dropping weight and feeling healthy and Rowan was still in my life being my dearest friend.

5 years ago this week: I was working in the store, my parents visited and my mom tells me that my dad has a 1/2 sister. Lots of stupid people tricks.

6 years ago this week: We just found out that Jennifer was pregnant, and Jimmy did a psychic reading where he helped me realize that my dream of writing a novel was something I needed to do, but I had to spend a few years studying first. And an unexpected and delightful postcard from missmorte
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