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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
Birthday Plans 
11th-Aug-2008 06:35 am
Countdown to my 4 day birthday weekend. If I put in four 10 hour days, I could make it a 5 day weekend. Maybe four 9 hour days and a then 4 hours on Friday for a 4.5 day weekend. Yeah...I think that'll work.

In any case, Brian and I will be heading to Allegan for the Fiber Festival. This is my birthday present. He got us a nice room overnight with a kingsize bed and a jacuzzi. And as much fiber as I want to pack into the trunk of the Miata. Fortunately, fiber packs down REALLY well.

On Friday night, we went to a company baseball game (semi-finals, we got a division trophy for first place). Afterward, we went to Little Caesar's with some of the team and our CEO. I was engaged in one conversation when I heard Brian saying that he was taking me to a "fuzz fest" this coming weekend and that I was all excited about it. CEO loudly pronounces "Debra, you are SO weird." I cracked up. Yes, that was a marvelous compliment. I love that they cannot figure me out. She started listing trips (all expensive and exotic) that would get her excited, and yet here I am looking forward to going to to a livestock festival in podunk Michigan. Sure, I'd love an exotic trip, or even a trip to a part of the US or Canada that I haven't been to yet. But that's not in the cards this year. What is, is this trip (which I have wanted for the last 2 years). I make no excuses. If this is weird, I embrace it!

We have Monday and Tuesday off too, with my birthday at the end of this long weekend, on Tuesday. I am planning my own schedule, as it cuts down on 'issues' this way. Currently, I'm thinking that Monday and Tuesday will be days that I am going to play with my new fiber, write, and generally relax and enjoy myself. I will be taking a long vacation from 30 - September 8, which will be spent at home doing lots of home improvement tasks. So this weekend coming up is going to be completely about relaxation.

Things I am hoping are also on tap for this weekend: Sushi, Belvedere Martinis with Gorgonzola stuffed olives, birthday cake, and fresh flowers (blatant hint).
11th-Aug-2008 08:23 am (UTC)
Yay for your hubby taking you on a fun mini-vaca to the Fiber Festival. With hotel/jacuzzi! I missed the MD Sheep & Wool Fest this year, but by damn I'm going next year.

We had a customer in the store yesterday with 2 ENORMOUS Great Pyrenees (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Pyrenees) who are, of course, blowing their coats. After talking to the owner for a few minutes (while giving Kaiser & Charlemagne scritches - aren't those the best names?), I offered to spin some of their fur into yarn (she knits), so she's going to bring a bag of their fur into the store. Huzzah! And my bosses just grinned, because a lot of people that come into our store are a little weird, so I fit in just fine.
11th-Aug-2008 05:37 pm (UTC)
Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday........

OMG I LOVE sushi. THAT in itself would be an awesome gift. I have a friend who makes me try something new every time. Two times ago was the spider roll. This time it was sea urchin with quail egg. It tasted like the ocean.

Have fun at your "Fuzz Fest", it sounds like a nice break.
11th-Aug-2008 06:27 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday to come!
I thought you worked part-time? Did they decide they could not live without you and are insisting you put in 40hr weeks now?

Granted, I could understand why. Who wouldn't want more Debra if they could get it? ;-)
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