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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
Day 3 of birthday weekend also a Win! 3 for 3 
18th-Aug-2008 06:05 pm
New blog update about my experience at the Michigan Fiber Fest. You can read it here, or if you want an RSS feed to my crafting blog, you can set that up here. If you're on Ravelry, I'm there as Jvar.

The 'Fuzz Fest' on Saturday was fabulous. We stayed nearly 4 hours, spent a lot of loot, petted and cooed over many critters (rabbits, alpaca [want!!], llamas, a dozen different sheep and goat breeds), had elephant ears and fresh squeezed lemonade in the shade listening to live folk music. Total win. Explored Allegan and relaxed in a phenomenal huge jacuzzi tub.

Yesterday Brian took me to Saugatuck for lunch at my favorite deli where a very talented young man was playing acoustic guitar. Then we shopped and sat by the water watching birds and boaters. We headed back for a bit of a nap, then he took me to one of my most beloved restaurants Everyday People Cafe for dinner and listening to live blues. I had several dry Belvedere martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives. We decided to try 3 different appetizers, and then had dessert (I had blueberry bread pudding, and he had creme brulee Napolean in a raspberry reduction). It was so fun sitting outside on such a gorgeous night, having extraordinary food, and listening to good blues.

We left this morning, reluctantly. I was really enjoying the tub and king size bed. But we're home and I'm surrounded by pretty fiber and peace and quiet. Brian gave me something for my birthday I haven't really had in a while...lots of good sleep! The boy has worn me out but good *grins*

One more day left, and I'm pretty sure I'll be at the firing range for my birthday. Yes, my idea!
19th-Aug-2008 05:13 am (UTC)
happy birthday, beautiful lady! xoxo
19th-Aug-2008 04:23 pm (UTC)
If you were only there for 4 hours, that explains why we didn't see you. We didn't even get there until about 2:30 on Saturday, and you were probably long gone by then.

Last time we went to Saugatuck for our anniversary (I think 2 years ago), we were waffling between the Everyday People Cafe and the place across the street, and ended up going there because they had filet mignon which I was craving. Maybe I'll have to try your place next time. :)

I'm glad that you had a fun time though. Happy birthday!
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