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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
This post is for me for later (and now, and before) 
1st-Sep-2008 09:58 am

What the hell are you doing? Your back feels a little stiff doesn't it? It's because you're sitting on your ass watching your life go by. Worried about being obsolete? You're making yourself that way! You think instead of doing. You're in too deep, time to come to the surface and put all those thoughts to valuable work.

OMG, girl! You have so much to do and who the hell knows what time you have left and you dare to just sit there having a pity party? Look at the signs! Be who you are, and be it with all you have!

You want to be Aunt Frances. You are Debra, and that's better than Aunt Frances. She was a made up character. You are bigger than life.

Wear a goddamn skirt to go shooting if you want to! Will the other people there raise an eyebrow? Certainly! Isn't that the damn point? If you don't want to fade away, then quit trying to look like the damn wallpaper! How often have you worn that wonderful floppy hat since you got it? And why? Because you thought it didn't quite fit the situation? You write the rules! Let them purse their mouths at you! What do they matter? Will they make your life any easier or harder? Do they have anything at all to do with your life? Then what does it matter? Have fun. Why waste any opportunity.

Quit dabbling and dive in! But I swear to the gods and a few of the demons, that you are no longer allowed to just take the crap, you're going to sling it right back. And girlfriend, you're a damn good aim. Make it stick. Get your hands dirty.

And start taking care of what you have! It's all so incredible. Time to dust it all off and let it sparkle and shine. Yes, there is a ton of work, but just do some of it. The idea that you are tending to the things that are important is magic in and of itself.

But get off your ass and get over the things that are holding you back. Now is the most perfect time. There won't be a more perfect time.

Work your magick. Surround yourself with beauty. Wallow in things that are fantastical! Read things that make you wonder and spark your desire to be more. Make your life a laboratory for alchemical transformation. Make that mean anything and everything you want it to mean.

Now go out there and be as interesting as you can stand to be! Let's see what kind of wonderful that will attract!
1st-Sep-2008 04:25 pm (UTC)
You go, girl. Be Debra, a big, flaming Debra.

I just got a new hat. Hats are bangarang (as the Lost Boys say).
2nd-Sep-2008 02:19 am (UTC)

Like Uncle Cullen, Aunt Frances is an Archtype. What we bring to the ideal ourselves is what matters. They, like all archtypes, give us an ideal that plays into the deep unconscious common link within us. They strike a chord which we feel in a unique way. We see in them potential. The goal, as you have expressed, is not to duplicate them, but to allow our chosen archtypes to guide us in the growth and development of our own unique identity.

Don't abandon Aunt Frances, she has been good to you. Yes it may be time for you to "get over her"* in order to move on, but I think she still holds wonderful treasures for you to find.

I can't wait to see what you do next. Where you go in your journey. Xephera witch... always, constantly in a state of constant becoming. I have had to tell myself this lately too. Stagnation is the only sin.

and for what it is worth, Anne Oakley wore a skirt.

* I've often felt that Crowley is indeed one of the great masters. The problem with groups like the OTO is that most of their members get hung up on him, and can't get over him and move on. It's sort of the, if you see the buddha on the road, kill him, thing.
2nd-Sep-2008 05:36 pm (UTC)
Hell, I wear a skirt to go shooting AND a floppy hat. If you place the hat just right almost all of your brass will go in and you won't have to hunt around for it.

Not a raised eyebrow in sight.

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