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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
ahhhhh, vacation! 
2nd-Sep-2008 08:37 am
Brian and I are on vacation until the 9th. Stay home vacation, home repair, winter prep.

On Saturday, we went to his folks for his dad's 75th birthday party. Lots of family, lots of over active children, lots of food, lots of scotch, lots of fun.

Sunday was a whole lot of nothin' Blissful. We had leftovers from the party for food so we parked in front of the TV for most of the day, other than the 2 hour nap we took around 3:30. Much needed down time.

Yesterday, Brian split wood while I did some power cleaning. I got into this mood of wanting the living room to be sparkling clean. Mind you, I normally just allow cobwebs to collect so I don't have to decorate so much for Halloween. But I wanted things to be immaculate. So I spent about 4 hours and got 1/5th of the living room done. I'll finish the rest later today or tomorrow. The 1/5th I did was the most complex. I have about 500 books in bookshelves in just one area. On shelves and a raised platform. I have about 30 candles and things on that platform as well. 4 shelves of photos and things. Everything got removed, individually dusted, resorted and replaced. All the wood I have was washed with Murphy's Oil Soap. The dust was embarrassingly thick, but it's all gone now.

I even vacuumed the ceiling! We have a vaulted, textured ceiling with rough-sawn wood beams. Cobwebs were collecting there, too. It's amazing what a difference this has made. I can't wait to get to the rest of the room. This is my favorite room of the house. It's a vast collection of things we love. The room feels like a warm embrace to me. I love that people come over and constantly notice something new. It's a little steam punky and I love how complex it is. It reflects our personalities.

Today, I am going to increase our gun collection by 3! Yes! 3 new guns. WTF, you say? Well, it breaks down like this. I have a .357 Lady Smith that I've had on layaway for my CCW class. I wanted something that would be considered a self defense weapon and this is perfect for me. The other two are gifts from my dad of family heirlooms. A pearl handled Browning that my maternal grandmother used to carry, and a 1947 Mauser that my godfather/great uncle brought back from his service time in WWII.

So it's off to the county records office to get the purchase permits. Then to Williams to get the guns, then shooting until it gets too warm. Then back home to stay cool and be slackerly!!
(Deleted comment)
3rd-Sep-2008 04:29 pm (UTC)
Well thank you and welcome to my crazy train! Glad to meet you!

I'll be taking photos of the new gun additions shortly. The pearl handle is on a baby Browning. What a cute little thing it is! My other guns are .22 target pistols. A Ruger Hunter and my pretty girl, a Browning Buckmark Bullseye, who was shooting straight and true for me this morning.

As for the steampunk, my living room got decorated steampunk over the years before I ever realized it would grow to be a movement! My coffee table and couch table are both made of poured concrete and cracked slate with brass gears sunk into the concrete. I've had those for nearly 15 years! And lots of odd/old/cool time pieces. It's just fun to have a mix of old and new and bizarre. Oh definitely into bizarre!
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