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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
9th-Sep-2008 06:28 am
I have a gun post to make with photos. Unfortunately, vacation ended last night, so I have to head to a conference in East Lansing this morning with my manager and CEO. But tonight I get a nice anniversary dinner with my man. Photos later.

Couple of very cool comments from yesterday at the range:

Rangemaster: "I've been watching you two. I can't tell who taught who!" This was told as we were packing up and he let us know that he'd be comfortable with us doing some rapid fire for CCW practice. Rules there say no rapid fire, but it's up the the rangemaster on what he's comfortable with and one element of training is to be able to empty the magazine quickly and accurately.

Old dudes at the far end with fancy targets, lots of sighting equipment, and loud voices: "Hey, they have the same Sight 'n See targets we do. And she's really shooting good!"

Unsettling moment of the day: I had just finished shooting 10 shots from my .22 Browning in the tightest grouping I think I've managed. 5 of the 10 were in the bullseye range, 3 more in the next ring and the rest out from there. When I stopped shooting I had this overwhelming sense of being watched (I hadn't noticed at all while I was shooting). I looked behind me and Brian and a rangemaster from another range were standing there watching. Glad they choose that set!!

Talking to the first rangemaster, I don't think we'll have any problem at all with what they expect from you in CCW range testing. I had wanting to wait to take it until I had some range time with my .357 Smith & Wesson. I had no idea that I'd enjoy shooting that as much as my .22's. But after getting it on Tuesday I've already put through 301 rounds.

Why 301? I had 3 packs of 100 round .38 ammunition. And I also have 50 .357 ammunition. I shot 1 of the .357 and my knuckle is still bruised from a week ago when I tried it. Who'd have thought that the kickback from that tiny bit more would take it from fun to too much. After I get bored with how well I'm doing with the .38 and double action, I'll go to getting comfortable with single action (The pull on single action is so much longer that I lose accuracy and find myself flinching in anticipation). After I master that, then perhaps I'll try the .357 ammunition again. It may be a strength issue as much as a flinch issue. That will come in time.

Did I mention how much fun I'm having??!?!?!!!
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