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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
Phat Fiber!! 
24th-Jul-2009 07:37 pm
Each month, Phat Fibers does a mystery box of fibers, spun yarns or a mix of both. It's $33 including shipping and you are guaranteed at least 20 approx 1/4 oz or more samples. There are a VERY limited number of boxes for sale and they sell out in less than 3 minutes. These are VERY popular items.

I got a fluff box this month and couldn't be happier! The theme was "No wool"...so I got a bunch of things I've heard about, but never got to try spinning. I feel like a kid in a very soft candy store!!

Starting in the box and going clockwise:
Silk Hanky "Summer Gems"
Alpaca/silk/firestar (tan, upper top in box)
Tussah Silk/Firestar "Cantaloupe"
Tussah Silk (top right outside of box)
Milk Fiber "Monet's Garden"
Nylon Fire Star Colorway "Eggplant" (lower right)
Bamboo (Fuscia)
Tencil (violet)
Milk (purple)
Silk (purple/white)
Mulberry Silk "Rubies & Amythests" (above last 4)
Bamboo/Milk Fiber/Tussah silk/Soy silk/Firestar "Sea Foam"
Bamboo/Firestar "Caribbean Sea Shimmer"
Milk Fiber/Bamboo (Charcoal, top braid)
Ramie Top (rust/grey/silver, bottom braid)
Bamboo (aqua/gunmetal in baggie on left)
2 stitch markers (see other photo)
1 hand dyed silk cocoon
1 wild golden cocoon
1 natural white cocoon

Also in photo:
a bag of caffeinated candy
a handmade lip balm
Several patterns and a handful of great coupons!

One pretty beaded stitch marker and one adorable pink clay piggy!!
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