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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
Nice visits 
13th-Dec-2009 01:47 pm
Had a really nice visit with Joy and Mark. They came in yesterday afternoon and we had a fancy sit down meal (that just means I used the pretty silverware and the holiday tablecloth).

There's something really heartwarming when I see my good friends in genuine, affectionate relationships.

Brian and I just finished a tasty brunch of a Dutch Baby oven pancake and hotel-style bacon. Now I'm finishing up the very first sock I've ever tried making (it's coming out very nice) and watching an old Star Trek movie. In a little bit, Brian will make a network cable and we'll plug in our new BluRay player. I got him a stack of space related movies for it. It streams Netflix and Pandora radio. I think it will be a much used piece of teknologeez.

I have a Yule tree up. Brian took me shopping for a nice one on Friday. We found a lovely 5' one for in front of the window. It's an ideal size. It's the first artificial tree I've ever owned. As much as I love the smell and feel of a fresh tree, I have always felt a little hypocritical when I kill a tree just for a decoration. I have some excellent fir, cedar and spruce essential oils which is more concentrated a smell and makes it feel more like the holidays. I am also kind of liking how easy set up and tear down will be now. And yet, it's still slightly bittersweet to no longer have a real tree.

While we were out, Brian took me to a jewelry store to help him choose a Yule gift for me. I was stunned on several levels, the most special being that I only mentioned one time this past summer that I'd like a Pandora bracelet. I don't pester him for jewelry. When he does buy me things, they are very unique and special. He like the concept of getting me a few charms and being able to surprise me whenever he wants later. He let me choose the style and several charms and I really love what we chose. It feels very decadent and special.

Now it's time to turn our attention to finishing our gift choices for friends and family. We've got about 1/2 done, which is pretty good for us.

I'm enjoying watching the birds feasting on suet cakes outside the window next to my chair. I got nose to nose with a grey squirrel before he realized I was a threat he couldn't smell through the glass. His reaction was priceless, but I think I may have taken months off his life.

Brian and I are still fighting the horrible sinus infection we brought back from Atlanta. I tend to be a little congested until around noon. Brian still has a horrid barking cough and no energy. It just seems to take longer these days to shake the ick.

I'm looking forward to my writing group Tuesday, and I have a short week. I don't have to work any Friday's in December. It's wonderful.
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