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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
20th-Jul-2010 08:10 am

One of the things that I struggle with is that there are too many things that I want to work on at any point in time.

So, I dabble. I do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. And the bits are quite excellent, but there’s so much unfinished and unmastered.

But how do you choose? What gets put into the background and potentially forgotten, so that time is spent truly developing talents on one subject?

I fall back to knitting when I can’t decide what other media to work on. It’s like comfort food when you’re sick. It’s familiar and healing. But it’s also not a growth opportunity, and another passion is put aside while I create in fiber. This isn’t a bad thing, but it sometimes feels like a cop out.

I am learning to work with pastels. But I want to spend more time with watercolor pencils. And then there are those 4 canvases and acrylics sitting patiently, waiting for the crow project I’ve been developing.

And then there’s this growing itch to work with wood. It’s been too long and there is something that makes the core of me feel really right when I can find the object buried inside of a branch. There’s a sandblasting technique I want to try, and lathework I’m longing to do.

Oh, and the pile of steel I am collecting for when I learn to weld and use a plasma cutter.

And writing that book to fund the tools I want. I suppose that still takes precedence.

But today…there’s my 8 to 5 eMarketing job that only allows me coffee breaks to daydream about being a mixed media artist. I am fortunate enough to love my work, since I can satisfy my graphic artist right brain along with my technical coding left brain.

I wish I didn’t waste so much time on sleep when there’s so much creating to do!

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20th-Jul-2010 08:53 am (UTC)
Refuse to Choose, Barbara Sher

I absolutely adored this book. I haven't felt so torn over all my various interests since reading it. In fact, my lamenting that there's just not enough time has been mostly replaced with an enthusiasm that I can do it all. Yeah, I still get those days that I wish were twice as long, but it's not as frustrating. And I've torn down the intimidating block that was making me feel too overwhelmed to even try to cram more in.

Yeah, a lot of it is common sense fluff. And I probably liked it even more because I loathe everything about careers, and here was someone finally saying not everyone needs one. But there are a lot of exercises and time management ideas in the book that have given me places to put all the inspiration in my head, places to store my ideas while I go do something else, and I no longer feel pressured to "use it or lose it", disappointed that I don't have time to do everything, or even confused by all the ideas I had to keep juggling to the front of my head all day every day for fear of losing them.

It's been a while since I read it, but I still keep an idea book and an interest shelf and, perhaps the most freeing, I no longer feel guilty about retiring projects when I lose interest in them.
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