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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
Page 43 
12th-Feb-2011 06:58 pm
Brian and I started our day by sleeping in. I actually stayed in bed until after 8:30...which is unheard of these days. I am usually awake around 5:30 and sleeping in typically is 7 am.

We had a piece of the cake I made yesterday and lazed around until nearly 11 drinking spiked coffee and watching science shows.

Our goal for the day was to run out to Rosy Brothers in Dryden to get chains for the tractor. We have about 18" of snow down to where we have the last 3 cord of wood. We're doing great on burning wood and I believe that we will have some left over, but for now, we need to get to it.

Since it's down the hill, hauling it up by hand is just ridiculous. Taking the tractor down is the way to go, but it needed chains to deal with the snow and the grade.

On the way, I saw a male bald eagle on M-24 sitting on top of a tree. He was spectacular. We just don't get to see them down this far very often.

After we got the chains, Brian decided we were going to have a special lunch (we had been talking fast food). He took us to Sagebrush Cantina in Lake Orion. I love that place, and we hadn't been there since it was rebuilt. It was just as good as ever and we had such a good time talking. Our phones only came out once to share an app for finding iridium flares and the ISS. We just talked and laughed and it felt really, really good.

Then a stop at Sam's club, which almost didn't happen since we had enormous Dos Equis Amber. But we got just a few things that were needed, and a few we didn't and headed back home.

It was a quiet, but nice evening after Brian got the tractor stuck. Oh yeah...the chains didn't help on a bed of ice. *sigh*
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