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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
Page 44 - Sunday wraps up a delightful weekend 
13th-Feb-2011 08:12 pm
My weekend in photos:

This morning I got up at 5. I couldn't seem to manage two days in a row of sleeping in. So I got up, made myself a pot of jasmine tea, stoked the fireplace and grabbed my new Sony eReader (which I LOVE!) and settled in with some soft light jazz on the stereo. As the sun began to rise, I got to see the loveliest lavender sky and all the fresh snow on the trees was blue.

Actually, this is from Friday. I titled it "working from home is not as glamorous as it sounds." And I admit, today was just as unglamorous! But I love being able to be in jammy clothes all day when I want. And today, that's just what I wanted.
Messy Me

Due to the inspiration of the lovely sunrise, and then the glorious sun with it's nearly steamy 47°, I grabbed my watercolor pencils and made a simple sun. This is a work in progress…just don't know where it's going yet.
sun drawing

For dinner, Pecan and French's Onions encrusted tilapia, over purple sticky rice and a side of French green beans. There is a butter/garlic/cayenne/honey drizzle over the tilapia. It's heart shape just made this a perfect Sunday Meal with Love!

Now we're watching Jonah Hex and Brian is relaxing after a crazy afternoon which included getting the tractor unstuck, and fixing the broken propane line to the house (Jerry's 4 wheeler skipped and cracked it off. They got it fixed up pretty quick. I felt so bad for Jerry, he was mortified. But…shit happens. Fixing things is what binds us together as neighbors.)
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