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Schrödinger's Pussy
Observing a box has never been this much fun
10th-Nov-2015 10:11 am
My conscious and subconscious minds are stockpiling fears at an alarming rate.

  • What if none of this works and I never get to move to the place that calls to my soul.

  • If we can’t make this work, how do I live with this regret and not be bitter

  • What if it does work and we can move

  • Do we compromise, refinance our current house at market at the best rates we’re likely to ever see and buy something less than what we have out hearts set on.

  • Do we hold out and find a way to save $30,000 over the next few years and buy exactly what we want at higher rates, but also at likely higher value?

  • I’m 52 and I’ve never lived more than 41 miles from where I grew up.

  • What do I know about not living by everything I’ve ever known

  • How do I say goodbye

  • The closest people we will know are nearly 2 hours from where we want to move. In good driving conditions. And they want to move somewhere by an ocean.

  • How long will our money last into retirement

  • What will we do to supplement our income

  • How do I pack a 2,000 sq ft house that has been generously lived in for 23 years

  • What if the closest hospital is over an hour away, in good weather

  • I am going to have to eventually have my knee(s?) replaced. Do I do that here or there

  • The longer we wait, the older we get, the less time to figure it all out. How do I wait

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